Sweden to ban creationism -- in religious, private schools

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Actually, it's only in the biology classes, but nonetheless, the Swedish government is planning to implement new rules that would prevent biology teachers from teaching creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution. Schools will still be allowed to offer religious education classes and to start each school day with prayers, but during classtime, teachers will have to stick to the curriculum.

According to Education Minister Jan Björklund, "Pupils must be protected from all forms of fundamentalism." Under the new rules, religious worship will have to be completely separate from classroom lessons. This seems really strange to me -- remember that these are private, religious schools -- but I suspect the difference lies in the fact that Sweden is a fairly non-religious country these days.

Still, it definitely seems odd that the government would dictate what a private school can teach -- isn't that the whole point of a private parochial school? Why else would you send your kids to such an institution?

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