Have you been Booed?

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I was raised in raised in Houston, where Halloween is just another excuse for adults to get drunk and dress crazy. Of course, kids enjoy the trick or treating and massive candy consumption, but the holiday isn't - or at least wasn't when I was there - a huge deal that involved lots of prep time or money spent.

I left Texas for upstate New York in October of 2000 and was completely astounded by what I saw when I arrived. The majority of homeowners in our new hometown clearly put lots of effort and money into making their yards and homes look scary. Big spider webs hanging from trees, gravestones in their yards, and frightful witches hanging from the front porch. They went all out to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere and their efforts transformed the town into something that looked like a movie set. I was amused, but Ellie was terrified.

A few years ago, we moved to our current home in Idaho and I found the people here less inclined to trash their yards, but still very much into the Halloween spirit. Our first year here, I became acquainted with a tradition that I had never even heard of. It's called Booing and it's actually quite fun for the kids. You basically fill a bag with treats , place it on a neighbor's doorstep, ring the bell and run away. Along with the treats, you leave a little poem and a picture of a ghost with instructions on how they can Boo someone else themselves. Sort of like a chain letter with candy. When you have been Booed, you place that picture of the ghost on your front door so you don't get Booed again. Ellie absolutely loves this game. As soon as we flip the calendar to October, she gets excited, waiting for someone to Boo us. I found a little bit about Booing on the Internet, but am wondering just how common this little game is. Have you been Booed?

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