Jennifer Garner wants everyone to get their flu shots

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There aren't many people who want their face associated with influenza, but Jennifer Garner is willing to do it if it means more people will get their flu shots. Garner appears in public service announcements for stressing the importance of prevention when it comes to this sometimes deadly illness.

"You and I and those close to us need to get vaccinated," Jennifer says in the PSA. "Influenza isn't the common cold – it's serious."

I never really had a bad case of influenza until last Thanksgiving. I alternated between nearly spontaneously combusting from fever to almost losing teeth from their chattering so hard from the cold. Every pore on my entire body ached and was heavy with a fatigue so sharp, I could feel it cutting me as I laid on the couch. I NEVER want to feel like that again. Everyone in this house is getting a flu shot this year. Have you always been faithful getting your flu shots?

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