Actress Hunter Tylo's son drowns

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Hunter Tylo, known for her role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, has just experienced a parent's worst nightmare: her 19-year-old son, Michael Tylo, Jr. drowned in a pool in Henderson, Nevada late Thursday night. Clark County Coroner, Michael Murphy, tells People, "It has already been determined that this was an accident. Looking at the report, it appears that he fell in the pool after having some sort of medical event. It says on the report that he had a seizure disorder."

The death occurred at a residence and Michael was discovered by an unidentified family member. "We are doing a toxicology report, but that is standard with all bodies that come to us," adds Murphy. "That information won't be available for several weeks. With this already having a cause of death, like a medical condition, it appears pretty evident that this is reason for him falling in the pool."

Hunter has two younger children with her husband Michael, as well as a 27-year-old son from a previous marriage. A note on her Web site asks that donations in her son's memory be made to Hunter's Chosen Child, an organization dedicated to assisting those who are financially challenged with the expectancy of a child.

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