Baby survives tornado

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This is the stuff of my nightmares. A fourteen month old miraculously survived after being thrown more than 40 feet during a tornado. Blake Opperman was found fine and dandy under a pile of debris after a tornado struck his family's home in Millington Township in Michigan.

Honestly, I almost didn't want to read this story. Too often these tales end tragically. I'm from Kentucky, in the middle of the country and known nearly as well as Kansas for its share of tornados. I remember as a kid hiding for what seemed an eternity under the stairs with my parents in the middle of the night waiting for the terror to pass.

We obviously emerged unscathed but too many times the story went the other way. Luckily for this Michigan family their son survived. Blake's parents were able to find him after hearing him crying above the din of the rain and wind. They dug and dug until they discovered pieces of his crib, and, eventually, an A-ok Blake resting atop his mattress.

I don't really believe in miracles or luck but this story--one with a happy ending--might just change my mind.

Also, I wonder why they always refer to nature as "Mother Nature." I can't think of any mother with tornado-like tendencies!!!

Thanks to Andy Hardin for the heads up on the story.

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