Man's excuse for hitting child: I'm not a morning person

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I know that there are a lot of parents who believe in firm physical discipline --bodily discomfort as a remedy for back talking, misbehaving, unacceptable behavior. I get that, and I grudgingly respect it, but I definitely don't believe in any kind of physical punishment for children. There's enough to be terrified of this in this inexplicable world.

Even worse than measured physical punishment is physical abuse of a child. The thought of a strong, experienced adult hurting a child for no reason at all makes my heart hurt. And this article made my heart hurt and my mind angry.

A 20-year-old Pennsylvania man told a judge that the reason he hit the two-year-old son of his girlfriend was because "he's not a morning person."

The little boy apparently got in the way of Juan Arreola, who then kicked the boy across the room squeezed his face and punched him in the chest. At court, the judge presiding over Arreola's case was incredulous at his feeble excuse, and ordered psychological and psychiatric evaluations. Maximum penalty in a state prison is more than twenty years.

I can't help but hope that he gets a big chunk of that sentence, and even more, I hope his girlfriend has sprinted far away with her son, and never thinks of looking back,.

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