That dog Ellen gave away found a new family

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Phew! I'm so glad this is finally resolved. In case you missed it, Ellen DeGeneres adopted a dog from an animal shelter last week. The dog, Iggy, didn't work out, so she gave it away to a friend's family. But that's against doggy adoption rules and regulations, so the animal shelter dog adoption organization group people took the pooch back -- which led to Ellen opening her talk show on Tuesday with a sobbing plea for Iggy to be returned. Oh, the drama!

As you might suspect, people got very upset after watching Ellen bawl her eyes out on national television -- so much so that there were threats of physical violence made against the adoption agency from those who wished to see Iggy reunited with Ellen's friend. However, the agency wouldn't budge.

Obviously, the real victim in all this is Iggy, and innocent dog just looking for love. Fortunately the now famous canine was placed with a new family on Friday. Hopefully this will provide some closure, and we can all put this emotional ordeal behind us once and for all.

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