Possibly pregnant: anaconda gets an ultrasound

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How do you tell if a fourteen-foot-long snake from the Amazon rainforest is pregnant? You don't try to get it to pee on a stick, that's for sure. I wouldn't recommend being cheeky and asking either, unless you want to become lunch. That's the dilemma that faced biologists at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachussetts.

So, they did what obstetricians do all the time for less reptilian patients -- they did an ultrasound. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive, so they'll be repeating the test over the next two months. And what makes them suspect that Kathleen might be in the family way? Kathleen shares her exhibit with two other anacondas -- a male and another female -- and the other female is confirmed pregnant.

By recreating optimal rainforest conditions -- with rain, flooding, and plentiful food supplies -- biologists convinced the snakes to mate. This will be the first time the snakes have bred in captivity. Congratulations to the reptilian moms!

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