Total cost of a college education is over 30K

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I'm embarrassed to admit that I grumbled my way through University, never understanding how a deep knowledge of the Faerie Queene was going to help me succeed in the corporate rat race. Admittedly, Spencer is galaxies away from what I do everyday now, but I know for sure that I never would have been presented with the opportunities I've had without my University Degree.

So I have to shake my head when I see reports like this one: how do kids afford school today? How do their parents afford it? According to CNN, the cost of a four year college education (all expenses in), now costs $ 32,307.00. This blows my eyes clear out of their sockets. Two thirds of students enrolled in post secondary education in the US must apply for some kind of federal grant. No doubt. Tips at the local restaurant won't cover that kind of tuition.

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