Will you get the flu shot this year?

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And, will your kids? I got a flu shot for the first time in my life last fall when I was pregnant. My OBGYNs strongly urged me to do so, and with all the contact I have in a given day just in New York on the subways with passengers both sick and well I thought it best to heed their advice.

I didn't end up getting the flu while pregnant, an illness that can apparently have fatal results for a fetus. I was nervous the entire time though that my child would be autistic or something of that nature, what with all the rumors and paranoia and unsubstantiated research floating around out there linking vaccines and autism.

That time passed, however, and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was healthy too, and flu free. Now flu season is upon us again, and New Yorkers are being asked to get their flu shots. My husband took our son to get his latest round of vaccinations and when the nurse offered to give the baby a flu shot at the same time my husband didn't think twice about it.

Well, he did when he realized our six month old son then got five shots! Poor thing! He handled it pretty well though. I was actually sort of annoyed when my husband told me this though--I hadn't even been consulted. Truthfully, and especially because Mr. Pickles is in daycare, I probably would have opted to get the flu shot anyway. I just wanted to be asked for my opinion, I guess.

Next up is me. Should I get a flu shot? While I am generally opposed to putting anything into my body, especially while breastfeeding, I may go the shot route this year. Why? I've already been majorly sick twice. And I'm pretty sure that since the baby was sick at the same time he picked something up from daycare and brought it home to me.

A cold is one thing, but the flu is another. I can and did tolerate the cold but the flu is a most unwelcome guest. Now I just have to get myself to a doctor to get one before we run out! That does happen around here--only so many flu shots to go around for a population of around eight million people!

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