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Like a lot of schools, Ellie's has a week where the children dress by theme. Like pajama day or school colors day. Monday was mismatched day, where the students were encouraged to deliberately dress in clothes that don't go together. Now, Ellie sees herself as somewhat of a fashion icon and after much discussion, decided she would not participate in that day's theme. I think that decision was based largely on the fear that nobody else would be dressing this way. But it was also due to the fact that she didn't want to look - as she put it - ridiculous.

So, she chose to wear an outfit that day that matched. At least she thought it did. For some time now, she has refused to let me assist her in choosing clothes. She has made it quite clear that my help isn't needed or wanted when putting outfits together and about half the time, what she comes up with doesn't match. It's not like she randomly throws outfits together - she gives lots of careful thought to pairing up her tops and bottoms. And while it pains me to send her off to school in a plaid skirt and a polka-dotted top, I do it anyway. She thinks she looks fabulous and I guess that is all that matters.

Ellie is an independent and artistic type and I admire and encourage her creativity. But I can't help but notice that most of the other girls in her first grade class are generally well-coordinated. I wonder if they still allow their mothers to help them dress or if they are just better at dressing themselves. Does your daughter let you choose her clothes? If not, do you let her out of the house in mismatched outfits?

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