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I gotta hand it to single moms--I really don't know how they do it. I've been on my own with my baby for several days now as my husband is out of town on business.

While I've managed, even with the endless rain and errands and running errands in the rain, it's been tough. And frankly I am exhausted. I love spending time with my son, and would spend every waking minute with him if I could, between that and work I'm pooped.

I have just enough energy to not bother eating dinner, or, if I'm feeling really lucky, ordering takeout. Half the time I don't remember to eat something. In fact, I can't remember everything. There's simply too much stuff for one person to keep in her head!

I have no friends and no family anywhere nearby so it has literally been me and the baby and, during the day, daycare. I've never been so thankful for that in all my life!

It really makes me stop and think what life would be like if Mr. Pickles and I were on our own. Yes, we could do it--we've basically settled in to a new pattern ever since Daddy went out of town--but it's just so darn hard. Maybe if I had a car or some relatives nearby...or a mall or something near here things would be a little easier.

I don't know that those things would help much in the long run though. My guess is that single moms are expert time managers and are very, very resourceful.

So, to all the single moms--heck, single parents--out there: here's to you. Your job is HARD. And I hope some day your children appreciate just how much you do for them. I know I do.

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