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We all know too much television is not good for kids, but with all the other things vying for attention, monitoring screen time generally lands pretty low on the list.

With the introduction of BOB to your household, there's no more excuses for your kids absorbing a 6 hour Sponge Bob marathon. Bob keeps track of of the computer or television usage for up to six users for you. And what's even better, when someone has had their weekly allotment of screen time, BOB automatically shuts off the device and is unmoved by whining.

I really like the idea of kids learning to budget their television time for themselves. Want to blow your entire week on one Saturday morning? Fine!

I'm not sure how BOB works with than one person watching a television program and can see my kids working together to beat the system, but it would be great to keep track of computer and video gaming in our household.

BOB is available online for $99 and is one of those purchases your kids might not thank you for for a very long time.

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