French author regrets having children

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Here's one that should get many of you riled up. Controversial French author, Corinne Maier, originally set France aflame when she wrote Hello Laziness, a cheeky business book that teaches you to get ahead in the corporate world by doing the bare minimum and not attracting too much attention. (Her 10 Commandments are hysterically accurate if you ask me.)

Now Maier is back and guaranteed to enrage and excite many with her latest book, No Kid. (The subtitle translates to "40 Reasons for Not Having Children.") Maier says she regrets having children and encourages more women to consider living child-free. I reluctantly admit that some of the 40 chapter headings/reasons really hit close to home.

I think we've all felt an ounce of regret during frustrating times. I know I totally miss the spontaneity of being a childless couple. But I don't know that reading a book like this would have made me consider not having children. Being a mother is something that I wanted for myself (though somewhat blindly I guess) my whole life.

In my email discussions with other mom bloggers about the Globe and Mail article about the book, one mom noted that women who write honestly about motherhood are in a vulnerable position. Do you sugar coat the bad parts, or do you write the whole truth with the risk that you might hurt your children? Our children will be technologically savvy enough to find our scribblings at an age where they might not understand the context. It would be different if Nate were to read about the days I hated having to wipe his poopy bum once he has children of his own.

Yet, for my own sanity, I have not held back. For the most part, I have written lovingly about my children. But the painful journey of surrendering to motherhood had to be documented so that I could process and understand it, but also so that I might help others to feel less alone.

Still, I wonder what they will think and feel when reading about the bad days. And I wonder if Corinne Maier will regret writing this book.

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