Camping with kids

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So we finally got to go camping and all I can say is I'm sorry we didn't go sooner. (Thanks for all the great advice!) It's a little late in the year now to be thinking about going again, even for me, but come next spring, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be hitting the campsites again. The kids, of course, had a blast and are ready to go again as soon as possible, probably rain or shine.

What I find the neatest is how very different this trip was from previous trips I've done. When I was younger, I did a lot of trips that involved a lot of alcohol and late nights. I did a lot of trips that were very challenging, physically. I led trips where I had to make sure that everything went smoothly for the other people on the trip. I've camped with good friends where the most strenuous part of the trip was deciding whether or not to fold during the poker game.

This, however, was totally different. Including us, there were six families -- twelve kids and ten adults. The kids, ranging in age from two to seven, spent the time running around like a big herd of laughing, bubbly gazelles, searching for banana slugs, climbing into hollowed out tree trunks, playing hide and seek. It was cool watching the kids having so much fun. This trip really was all about them, and yet I had a great time.

Long story short, we'll be going camping again, but next time, I'll try and remember to bring the stove and lanterns.


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