Halle Berry's violent childhood

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Actress and soon-to-be-mom Halle Berry has opened up for the first time about her childhood trauma with an abusive father. She tells James Lipton on The Actor's Studio that while her father Jerome physically abused her mother and sister, he never touched her.

"The hard part for me was he never abused me. I was dealing with a lot of guilt because I saw my sister go through terrible beatings. I felt helpless and like a coward because I didn't do anything and couldn't do anything.
I spent many of the early years of my life trying to make sense of all that and recover and find my self-esteem."

Halle Berry is a beautiful and talented woman who has always seemed a bit unlucky in love. That damaged self esteem at the hands of a rotten father may have something to do with that. Berry is now paired with Gabriel Aubry and expecting her first child. I hope that this time, she really has found happiness.

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