YouTube Halloween costume: Totally last minute, totally awesome

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If your teen has been dawdling about their Halloween costume, and suddenly freaks out today because they don't have anything to wear, don't panic! You can come to the rescue with this incredibly easy, completely last minute, and absolutely hysterical costume idea.

Sure, you might want to tone it down some (unless you live in Europe, the neighborhood probably won't take too kindly to your teen throwing back a couple beers while they're out trick-or-treating). But the concept is golden.

As far as I can tell, the only materials you need are: three pieces of poster board, some scissors, and a set of magic markers (of which you'll only use the black, gray and red). Then just come up with a clever title, some appropriately random and pointless comments, and your child's costume will be the envy of his or her Facebook-loving, YouTube-obsessed friends.

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