3 year old birthday gift ideas

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We'll soon be attending the birthday party of one of Bean's favorite friends. She's a sweet little girl who takes turns with Bean whirling about our house on his bike. The two are unstoppable. They giggle endlessly. They play chase and hide and seek. They jump on the trampoline. They climb anything climbable. And when they tire they sit on the couch and "read" books together.

Yet she is one of those kids who appears to have every toy under the sun. Her mom excels at shopping. EBay is her friend. She always has the cutest clothing, and Bean has wistfully told me on more than one occasion that he wants all of her toys. "I want all of them, mommy. I want da kitchen, and da train that goes." He clarified, just in case I was taking notes.

I, on the other hand, have general gift giving/shopping anxiety. When I think of buying birthday gifts my mind immediately skips back to seventh grade, when I was invited (along with everyone else in the class) to the birthday party of a boy I had a crush on. I agonized forever about what to give him. I may have settled on a snow globe. Or some dorky ball point pents with bobble heads on the top. I can't remember what I actually got him---because the of embarrassment at the utter un-coolness of it has spread across my memory like a rosy fog. Put it this way: the crush was never returned.

Thankfully, 3 year olds are a far different creature than gawky, hormonally driven 12 year olds. They're generally pleased to receive anything that comes wrapped in a box. But because I am gift-purchasing challenged, I need your help. What, in your opinion (or your daughter's opinion) would make an ideal birthday gift for a turning-3-year-old?

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