Apple sends cease and desist notice to 9 year old

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A 9-year old girl who spent a lot of time with her iPod decided to write a letter to Mr. Steve Jobs, telling him how she thought he could make his product better. It's a precocious and cool thing for a young girl to do, I think -- believe in her opinion and offer it up to one of the most influential men in America.

Third grader Shea O'Gorman composed a letter and outlined her ideas for improving the iPod: adding song lyrics, having words on the screen. When Apple replied, her entire family was excited to open the letter. Unfortunately, it was a cease and desist letter.

Shea ran to her room upon reading the letter (signed by Apple's legal counsel) and her Mom had harsh words for the company who defines itself as an educator of children.

You know, I understand why Apple does this. The last thing they want is to be sued by some crazy letter-writer who insists Apple profited from his wacky (and unwanted) idea. But it seems a little much to cease and desist a nine year old with a love for their product and the initiative to put her ideas on paper. Don't you think?

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