Halloween candy trade-in

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I got an e-mail from the kids' dentists recently letting us know about their Halloween Candy Trade-in program. Basically, kids who bring in their candy can trade it in for a "special toy". Now, everyone knows how bad all that Halloween candy is for your teeth, but that's never stopped kids from collecting and eating it. This, however, might just be a way to cut down on the eating part.

I think we're going to try and bring the kids and their candy over there -- our kids don't each much candy anyway, so it should be a problem for them. Still, I suspect they'll complain a bit, at least until they see the toys. I'm thinking this is pretty cool. There's not much in it for the dentists other than promoting healthy teeth, at their own expense, so kudos to them for setting this up.

Has anyone else heard of a dentist doing something like this? Would you take advantage of an offer like this?

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