Sleeping pills for kids: World's worst product?

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There's plenty of dumb stuff companies try and sell to kids (take the Bratz dolls, or the movie Daddy Day Camp, for instance) -- but one item was so bad, it was ranked by an international panel of consumer experts as the world's worst product. Ouch.

What could possibly be so awful? Sleeping pills -- for children.

Due in part to a special "back-to-school" ad campaign that -- while technically aimed at adults -- featured chalk boards, school buses and well-rested children, the Consumers International World Congress found Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the kids' sleeping pill, to be "irresponsible," and saw it fit to single them out as the worst corporate offender in all of 2007.

The organization also cited Coca-Cola for promoting the daylights out of Dasani (which is nothing more than bottled tap water), and Kellogg's for using cartoon characters to coerce kids into eating foods high in salt and sugar.

World's Worst Products(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Rozerem TV AdRozeremMattelKellogg'sCoca-Cola

But are they really to blame? Sure, mass-marketing sleeping pills to kids is ridiculous, but so is purchasing drugs for your children just because you saw an ad on TV.

Who's at fault when kids use products they shouldn't?
Parents23 (46.9%)
Corporations2 (4.1%)
Both24 (49.0%)

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