Brooke Shields daughter gets possessive

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Generally the source of a child's possessiveness toward a parent is the addition of a new baby or significant other to the family, but Brooke Shields' daughter Rowan was slammed with a double emotional whammy. Not only was she jealous that her mother was calling another girl her special term of endearment, the rival for her mother's affection was her idol, Hannah Montana.

Rowan was attending a taping of Hannah Montana where Shields was making a guest appearance as Hannah's mother. When Shields said the line "It's okay, baby girl." to Miley Cyrus, the four year old had had enough. The preschooler stood up in the studio audience and shouted, "Nooooo ... That's my mama for real life!"

Cyrus didn't take the interruption personally and later thanked Rowan for letting her borrow her mom for the day.

Aww, poor little Rowan. Not only does she have to share her mama with a darling little sister, now she's having to out-cute Hannah Montana!

Lucky for Cyrus, Rowan is young and sweet. If she were older and cattier, a pregnancy rumor might be just the thing settle the score.

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