ParentDish Size Six: Halloween Highlights

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Every Halloween is different and there are always great memories to be had, along with the calories. Here are six of my favorites from this past Halloween:

  • Sara, hastily getting her costume on, calling out to random people walking by, "Wait for us! We're going with you!"

  • We visited the couple across the street who invited Jared and Sara in to see their new kitties. Jared spent the next fifteen minutes trying to hold one of the cats while Sara tried to coax the other one out from under the couch. The next house we visited was the our neighbors with the little boy just a few months younger than Jared. They too had a cat and Sara just walked right in like she was at home and started playing with the cat. Thereafter, at every home we visited, she asked "Do you have a cat?" We had a lot of confused neighbors.

  • Bridgette, a girl about Sara's age, came to the door with her older sister and walked right in like she owned the place. Sara didn't seem to mind. I enjoyed the older sister hissing at her to come back outside, obviously embarrassed. At least I know Sara's not the only one who does this sort of thing.

  • One pre-teen girl was accompanied by Tulip, her rather large dog. When I commented that it looked more like a horse than a dog, the girl's father explained "It's a chihuahua in a doberman costume."

  • At yet another neighbor's house, Sara asked "Where are you going to bed?" The accommodating neighbor pointed towards the top of the front of the house and told her they'd be sleeping in the bedroom up there. She then asked, "when it gets dark and the sky is black?"

  • Sara, after I had sent her upstairs to get ready for bed, flying back downstairs, zooming past me, and running out on to the porch, buck nekkid, yelling "Who's here?" and waving to the startled parents standing on the sidewalk.
What are your favorite memories from this past Halloween?

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