Tom Cruise is tired and impartial

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Tom Cruise is a busy guy. He is the head of a movie studio, stars in major motion pictures and has a young wife and daughter at home. No wonder he's tired. How does he deal? "Just like everybody else, you just work it out," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "We've gotten pretty good at organizing everything. I don't sleep much anyway." Of life with the wife and kid, he says it is ""all very good, all very lovely." I am sure Tom and Katie have help, but I don't begrudge them that. Seriously, if I could pay someone to take care of some of my stuff, I would.

In another interview, this time with Hello! magazine, Tom talks about how he treats his biological daughter Suri exactly the same as he does his two adopted children, Isabelle and Connor. "I wanted to be a father all my life. Truly, it makes no difference to me between my adopted children and Suri. I've never separated them in my thoughts - I just don't feel that way about it," he says.

After reading that, I had to wonder how that discussion even came up. Did Hello! really ask if he favored his biological child over his adopted children? Or did Cruise volunteer that little bit of obvious information. I can speak from my experience of raising one child I gave birth to and one that I didn't: there is no difference in the love a parent feels for their child, regardless of how that child came to be.


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