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Blogging about parenting is hard work.

Actually, it's not all hard work, it's also fun and cathartic and a bridge to a community of intelligent, like-minded (and opposing!) parents. I've been blogging here for...wow, close to two years now -- and I often wonder what it is that people love to read most here. I have my definite preferences. The blogs I read tend to be deeply personal, with a hint of funny and a lot of soul.

A little over a year ago, I asked how we could make this blog better: more relevant and absorbing for all of you, the community. You responded, but the results were sometimes wildly conflicting and it was a little difficult to implement so many varying viewpoints.

But now we have this handy-dandy and awesome polling device and I'd love you to tell me: why do you come here everyday? What makes you shrug your shoulders in disregard, and what makes you come back? We're here for you, after all, and I'd love to know what we can do to make you tick happily.

Why do you read ParentDish?
Product reviews11 (6.8%)
Studies and research27 (16.7%)
Celebrity parenting6 (3.7%)
Personal posts84 (51.9%)
Wacky parenting news21 (13.0%)
Blogosphere highlights5 (3.1%)
Other - I'll elaborate below8 (4.9%)

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