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Today, for the first time, my kids have the day off for election day.

It's not so they can participate in the democratic process, as the boys are all well under the voting age. In our city, the public school gymnasiums also serve as polling sites, which means the doors to all the schools are unlocked and open to the public and anyone who wants to walk in, all day long.

The whole idea of unknown adults wandering among children in hallways and bathrooms always bothered me. A police officer was eventually assigned to each building, but one person can't monitor a whole building for molesters, terrorists, and wackos in general.

9/11 left me hyper vigilant, but after the Madrid election bombings coupled with the Russian school siege a year later, I made the executive decision to give my kids a Mommy Mandated Day Off on election day.

Sure bad guys could attack schools at any time, but it didn't take much planning to realize the best day to plant a bomb or orchestrate a mass killing would the day when the doors are unlocked and the building filled with children and various citizens.

This year it's not just a Mommy Mandated Day Off, all the area children are out of the buildings and I'm very glad.

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