How to help the medicine go down

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In the very early hours of Monday morning, Ellie woke up in pain. It seems that after a week of sniffles and coughing, she had developed an ear infection. I tried my best to make her comfortable enough to get through the night, but it wasn't happening. When she tearfully begged to go to the doctor NOW, I knew I had no choice but to bundle her up and take her to the hospital down the road.

One of the benefits of living in a fairly small city, is the speed in which one can see a doctor in the middle of the night. At the ER, we were shown to a room almost immediately and Ellie settled down on the bed and tried to watch some television. Who know that Suite Life of Zack and Cody was on at that time? After the doctor confirmed what we already knew, the nurse administered some numbing drops in her ear and gave her a dose of pain medication as well as a prescription for Amoxycillin.

Once we got back home and tucked her into bed, she immediately fell asleep. When my husband returned from the 24 hour pharmacy with her antibiotic, I woke her up and gave her a dose. She was kind of loopy from the pain medication they gave her at the hospital, and drank down the milky white stuff without argument. That would be the last dose she took without argument.

She needs two doses a day for ten days and the battle has begun. Although she has gotten a little better about it over the past few years, Ellie has always resisted taking medications. She gets herself all worked up over it and has been known to gag and throw up before swallowing even a drop. This morning was upsetting for both of us. As she sobbed in front of her medicine cup, I begged, I threatened, I bribed with chocolate. With seconds to spare, she choked it down and we raced outside just as the school bus pulled up.

I don't want to go through this every morning for the next nine days and am begging you for some advice. How do you get your kids to take their medicine? We've tried mixing it up with apple juice or soda, but she still resists. Have any of you parents figured out a fool-proof way to help the medicine go down?

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