Traumatized by Halloween?

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Every night since Halloween, Nolan has come sprinting into my room sometime after 2:00, shrieking something about spiders comin' to get him. Sometimes bears. Undoubtedly, he is terrified: his bare feet can't scamper off the floor and under my sheets quickly enough.

"'Pider come get me!" he is breathless, and watching me closely for reaction.
"No, " I whisper back,"Spiders are nicely in their webs, waiting for their friends to visit."
"Friends to visit? It come eat me."
"No, it won't eat you. Spiders like Nolan."
"Yike me?"

And he is momentarily satisfied, and I lapse into a contorted sleep, a toddler foot resting idly on under my rib for the rest of the night.

I can't ignore that he's been scared since we took him trick or treating, and I can imagine that the ghouls and masks and glowing jack o'lanterns were overwhelming for a two year old. We didn't see any giant spider or bear costumes, though, so I have no idea where that came from.

For Moms with small children who braved the neighborhood trick-or-treat: are you dealing with any post-traumatic stress over the whole scenario? I'm thinking I may just take Nolan to the mall next year.

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