Would you buy a commuter car?

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The other day, I came across a video for the Vandenbrink Carver (now called the VentureOne) which looked absolutely awesome -- and would make a great commuter car. This weekend, I was at the Vintage Computer Festival, held at the Computer History Museum, which had a display of Smart cars, another great choice for a commuter car.

I have considered getting a small, efficient car to use to get to work and back. I've seen a Honda Insight (a little two-seater hybrid) with the license plate "73 MPG", and have been very tempted to look for one of those. In discussing it with Rachel, however, she flat out nixed the idea. She said that there's no way we will buy any car that can't carry the kids.

Her thinking was that I might be at work and need to pick up one of the kids at school if they get sick or something. That's a fair argument, although if such a vehicle were an addition rather than a replacement, I could always swing by the house first and swap cars, but that would mean a delay in getting to the kids.

So for now, I drive her car which gets reasonable gas mileage, but not great, and it's certainly not as cool as the Carver. But does she have a valid argument? Would you buy a car just for commuting or would you only look at vehicles that could carry your kids as well?

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