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So we're buying a car. It was a hard decision to make, given I've lived in New York City for so long without one. Considering how expensive both gas and insurance are, a car wasn't an additional cost I was looking to add to daycare and diapers.

I'd also shunned a car because they seem so environmentally unsound these days. I know hybrids exist and that was an option ( very expensive one) but I liked the feeling of being able to walk everywhere or hop on public transportation.

That said, getting a car really is the right thing at the right time for us. I'd always said to my husband way back when before we even thought of getting pregnant that if we had a baby we had to get a car. It wasn't a choice, rather, his agreement was a prerequisite.

Although it is possible to get around the city without one, whether taking the baby in your arms, in a baby bjorn or in one of the myriad types of strollers available, having a car makes life much easier in some respects. The day we had to take Mr. Pickles in for his first set of shots when it was a torrential downpour would have been much easier, faster, and dryer, in a car.

The days when I've had to walk the baby to daycare, then walk to work, then walk back to daycare for an errand at lunch, then back to work, then back to daycare at the end of the day followed by walking home up nearly seven avenues of hills would've been a breeze in a car.

Things like going to the grocery, which people do no matter where they live, would be easier with a little more storage space than what I can carry or fit under the stroller.

Visiting family out of town will be a snap. We won't need to rent a car or have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for insurance because we'll already have it. Rather than spending hours trying to find decent airfare we'll just hop in the car and head out. Friends who live just far enough away will finally get a visit from us (watch out!)

On the other hand, trying to find parking can be a nightmare. Alternate side of the street parking rules, which are always in effect, will land you trapped in by other vehicles or with a nice fat ticket. No one in this town can parallel park worth a darn and they bump cars on either side without even bothering to care.

Gas is more expensive than gold. Insurance is outrageous even though my husband and I both have excellent driving records.

Also, and I have to be totally honest here, I HATE dealerships. I hate being sold to the second I walk in without even being able to look at a car or sit in it or whatever. They're like harpies and they will wheel and deal you until you don't remember what you wanted in the first place.

So we're thinking about doing the test drives, etc., then ordering our car online and having it delivered. Sort of like the ultimate holiday present. It depends on who will offer us the best financing, of course. Cheap = better. After all, I may be getting a new car, but I still have daycare and diapers--and solids and toys and clothes and a new crib and braces and a college education and all that other stuff to think about.

Next up: what kind of car we're getting. At least what we think we're getting. For now. It's constantly changing as we learn more....

Pic of totally rad brand new CR-V (can you tell what kind of car I want?) by redjar.

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