Woman gives birth, hugs twins, and dies

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Twenty-two-year-old Emma Gough was ecstatic when she learned she was going to give birth to twins. Unfortunately, that's about as far as she got. A few hours after giving birth to her twins in Shrewsbury, England, Mrs. Gough died from blood loss stemming from the delivery. According to Dr. Maggie Blott, a consultant obstetrician, "When women give birth, they bleed from the placental bed - the area of the uterus to which the placenta is attached. With twins there are two placental beds and so twice the bleeding."

As Peter Welch, the best man at the Gough's wedding noted, "We can't believe she died after childbirth in this day and age, with all the technology there is." Unfortunately, both Mr. and Mrs. Gough are -- or, in her case, were -- Jehovah's Witnesses and thus interpret a few passages in the bible as strictly forbidding blood transfusions. Had she or her family allowed the doctors to give her blood, she would be alive today. Funny thing about "all the technology there is," you have to be willing to make use of it.

I am very sorry for Mr. Gough and his family's loss. I am even more sorry for the two babies who will grow up without a mother.

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