How much food does your 3 year old eat?

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I don't think Bean is a picky eater--at just a couple months shy of three he likes a pretty broad range of food including tofu, ginger-carrot soup, scallops, Italian sausage, pad Thai, curry, egg rolls and pickles. He also likes all the toddler faves like macaroni & cheese, fresh fruit, most veggies, and PBJs. The thing is, he strikes me as being a rather light eater, though I have no one to compare him to.

He'll eat a portion about the size of my fist--maybe smaller--at each meal. Sometimes he'll only have a few bites. He doesn't snack rampantly between meals. Usually he has a morning snack and an afternoon snack and we try to make those relatively balanced and nutritious, but even with snacks, he'll have maybe 3 or 4 apple wedges with peanut butter or a piece of string cheese and be done.

Then there are the random days--which sometimes even fall back to back for a week or so--where he'll eat nearly double his regular amount--and sometimes even ask for food in between meals and snacks which he almost never does.

What are your 3 year old's eating habits like? Are they picky? Light eaters? Does it even out eventually?

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