Julia Roberts on photographing stars' kids

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Super star mom Julia Roberts is waging her own personal campaign to get the paparazzi to stop taking pictures of celebrities' children. She's also inadvertently trying to get stars to stop giving the photo-crazy press so many photo opps.

Says Roberts: "...I think that it's inhuman to chase a woman with her children." Here, here, Julia! It's actually sort of terrifying. I know those kids are under lock and key but they seem so exposed and vulnerable. She calls the act of other celebs allowing their children to be photographed "demeaning." With all the overexposure celebrities have allowed themselves and their children, celebrity kids are essentially now being hunted.

Julia is remorseful that when she takes her children out she basically has to hide them. Even though she doesn't parade her children through the streets as props in yet another photo opp, she still feels the brunt of it. Any other woman walking a stroller is just some random person. When you're Julia Roberts, however, you can't even do something as normal as enjoy a walk in the park with your kid.

Who is to blame for all this? Is it the media bating the celebs or the other way around? I think that question falls squarely into the 'chicken or the egg' category.

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