How Tall Will My Child Be?

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I'm only 5' 7", but since my husband is 6' 2", I thought my sons would have a fairly good chance of making the basketball team when they got older.

However, the height prediction chart at Parent Center now has me a little concerned about where I'm going to find pants long enough for the buggers.

Using the child's gender, age (the chart is only able to predict on children ages 2-12), current height, weight, and the height of each of the parents, the table makes an educated guess as to how tall the child will be in adulthood.

The site notes that based on the formula, there is a 50 percent chance that your boy's full-grown height will be within 0.8 inches (above or below) of this prediction, and a 90 percent chance that it will be within 2.1 inches. For girls the range will be within 0.7 inches (above or below) of this prediction with a 90 percent chance it will be within 1.7 inches.

It is also noted that while parents' heights are a good predictor of a child's adult height, heredity only accounts for about 70 percent of what goes into deciding how tall someone will be. The other 30 percent comes from environmental factors, like eating habits and exercise patterns. And sometimes a child will just surprise everyone and turn out much taller or shorter than either parent.

I'm surprised that my son who was born six weeks early and weighed only 5# 15 oz., looks like he's going to be the biggest one of the lot. Six feet, six inches! I sure hope the predictor is a couple inches generous because.......YIKES.

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