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Actress Reese Witherspoon recently shared her children's career choices with Hello magazine.

It seems that four year old Deacon has decided he'd like to deliver pizzas all day, while eight year old Ava is set on being a scientist.

Asking kids what they want to be when they grow up is probably runner-up only to "How old are you?" as a conversation starter. It's popular for a good reason: generally the response and reasoning behind the answers are pretty adorable and/or hysterical.

My sons career aspirations have ranged from fire fighters (until they realized they'd be dealing with actual fire instead of just driving big red trucks in parades), rock star (until they learned they'd have to sing in front of other people), veterinarian (nixed due to the blood and injuries that would need treatment), mailman (rain, sleet, and snow put an end to this one), and someone who cuts down trees (environmentalist is starting to beat out the cool sound trees make when they fall, but not by much.) So far the only careers that seem appealing are professional athlete and astronaut.

But like Witherspoon's kids, the choices vary from week to week, so it's fun to keep asking. So far no one has topped what was my little sister's occupational choice for a long time: Tooth Fairy.

What do your children say they are going to be when they grow up?

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