Mother of two found 33 years after escaping from prison

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Life must be tough when you're on the lamb -- always concealing your identity, always looking over your shoulder. But Deborah Gavin had plenty of time to get used to the fugitive lifestyle, having escaped from the Georgia Women's Correctional Institution way back in 1974.

After her escape, Gavin got married, had two kids, and was living quietly in Frankston, Texas -- a small town (estimated population around 1300) in the southeast corner of the state. Her neighbors were probably completely unaware that they were living next to an escaped convict until Wednesday, when US marshals surrounded the house.

Gavin, who undoubtedly understood what the rest of her life would look like in the event she was apprehended, arrived at the door with a shotgun. Fortunately, however, she backed down, and arrested peacefully.

I'd be interested to hear from the kids. I wonder if they had any idea who their mom really was.


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