Toy recalls and your holiday shopping list

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According to a new report the recent massive toy recalls have some in the industry very worried with regard to this holiday season. The fear is that all the recalls will (rightly) keep skeptical parents from buying traditional toys.

This means the worst for kids: CLOTHES instead of toys for the holidays! I'm kidding a bit, but the fear is real, at least on the part of retailers and manufacturers of toys that lately have been recalled for containing lead or having flaws in their design.

The main issue with the toy recalls at this time of year, from the toymakers' perspectives, is that there is little to no time left for offering replacements. When the toys come from places like China, where shipment can take even longer, the chances of replacement are basically none.

Aqua Dots in particular are a big example in this article. They were listed on everyone's To Buy list and have now been recalled. While some retailers will feel the crunch after having to pull such items they were counting on as big sellers for the holidays, others such as Target believe that they will still be able to meet customer demand with other options given their toy inventory.

The constant recalls certainly have me thinking. My son is relatively young to be excited by opening toy presents on Christmas, but I am overly cautious when it comes to buying him any toy these days for fear that it could be pulled off the shelves moments later.

It's too bad that once again people seem more worried about money than they do about the safety of our children. I am sure the concern is there, but it's still being expressed as the loss of a dollar.

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