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I'm all too familiar with adult-only restaurants: establishments that welcome only people who do not poop their pants or spit out their unwanted food on the windowsill. And I firmly believe that these places have their right to exist, but I've occasionally felt wistful about the lack of ability to dine out with my son, in a place where the food doesn't come wrapped in yellow paper.

So when my friend Libby invited Nolan and I to join her and her family for brunch at a kid-friendly restaurant downtown, I was intrigued. Apparently, the restaurant served delicious food and had a play area with a mini-kitchen for toddlers to create their own culinary art. What an awesome idea! Why hadn't I invented it?

Nolan and I thoroughly enjoyed Little Nest. Nobody rolled their eyes when Nolan dragged a plastic phone from the play area to the till, and though there was the minor mishap of Nolan rolling on Libby's son (I don't know either) Food was laid out helpfully on a giant chalkboard, and orders for fare like banana-ricotta french toast and goat cheese frittata with root vegetables could be paid for right at the counter. This is perfect: often I find we need to make a quick exit and taking care of the bill first ensures that we could bolt (as inevitably, we needed to do.)

I'll be back there next weekend, and maybe the weekend after. I wish there were more establishments like this. Admittedly the atmosphere was chaotic: if you don't have kids you probably wouldn't want to go near this place. But I think every city should have at least one.

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