Britney's spending habits revealed

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Sure, Britney seems crazy, but it can be hard to know what to believe amidst the media fervor that surrounds this unfortunate woman -- so who's to say whether or not Britney should have custody of her children?

Well, these court papers might help. They reveal how the ridiculously wealthy pop star spends her enormous income -- partying, buying clothes, eating out, and talking on the phone.

Here's a quick rundown on some monthly expenses:

  • $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
  • $49,267 on mortgage payments
  • $16,000 on clothes
  • $4,758 on eating out
  • $2,500 on phone bills

Yikes! All of those figures are more than my mortgage. And that's not to mention the $15,000 a month she pays in child support, and the $120,000 she owes in legal expenses (a ruling based on the fact that most of the hearings were only necessary because she's been acting like a lunatic).

Meanwhile, while KFed isn't exactly thrifty, he's spending a mere $5,000 on entertainment, $7,500 on rent, and $2,000 on clothes. I know I have a long history of making fun of Mr. Federline, but those kids are lucky they have at least one parent who is somewhat under control.

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