Impoverished Philippina hangs herself

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Abject poverty was apparently the reason an eleven-year-old girl hung herself in the Philippines, recently. Leaving behind little more than a letter wishing for a bicycle, shoes, and jobs for her parents and a diary detailing her life as one of the island nation's many poor, her death was reported even as the country's president announced that "The common people are now feeling the benefits of a growing economy."

"It seemed as if we were absent from school for a month now," wrote Mariannet Amper in her diary. "We don't count our absences anymore. I hardly noticed that Christmas is fast approaching." She lived with her parents and her brother in a shanty without electricity or running water. Apparently, that growing economy isn't growing for everyone.

It is very sad that in our world today, a child would feel the need to hang themselves because they see no hope of getting a bicycle to get to school or even regular meals. I'm not sure what the answer is, but whatever we're doing doesn't seem to be working so well.

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