Kanye West's mother passes away

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Kanye West's mother, who once infamously compared her son to Jesus, has passed away. Donda West was a former Chairperson for the Chicago State University English department who served in education for over 30 years. She was only 58 years old!

More recently Donda served as Chief Executive of West Brand LLC, the parent company of Kanye's endeavors. Donda also worked with her son on the Kanye West Foundation, and educational non-profit. Mother and son shared a strong bond as Donda raised Kanye herself from the time he was three years old.

Donda supported her son during controversy surrounding his lyrics and penned a book about him. Kanye was reportedly in the UK when news of his mother's passing reached him.

A writing colleague of Kanye's is quoted in the MSNBC article on the passing as referring to Donda as "everyone's mom."


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