Moms Rule at N.Y. Marathon- Inspiration or Bad Example?

Mothers Take Gold and Silver at New York's Biggest Race

As far as I'm concerned, this is inspiration for all moms. I have a bum ankle from a car accident so I will probably never run a marathon, but I am still inspired by these moms. Knowing both of them accomplished this, the gold medal winner only 9 months after giving birth, will give me something to think about the next time I try to rationalize skipping my workout (you know the excuses, I'm too tired, I have to clean the kitchen, do the laundry etc., etc.). If these moms can win silver and gold in the New York Marathon, I can certainly find time and energy to get on my stationary bike for 30 minutes. I read an article and a few blogs saying she sets an unrealistic and potentially dangerous example for new moms. I disagree. For one, she was a trained athlete who won titles prior to having her baby. And secondly, she credits her husband with supporting her and helping her find time to train with a newborn. How many women would be healthier and in better shape if their husbands helped them find time to work out or believed it was important enough to set money aside to hire a babysitter so mom could go to the gym or for a run? I'm lucky enough to have a hubby who supports me like this and I am grateful. For the most part, if I'm honest, it's my own laziness or lack of proper prioritizing that keeps me from being in the best shape I could be in.

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