Friendly with your ex in-laws?

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Jennifer AnistonMany years ago, I fell in the love with the family of a man I was dating. His mother and I had a lot in common and I really enjoyed her company. His dad was a hoot and I had so much fun at their family get-togethers. When the relationship with the boyfriend was over, I found I missed his family more than I missed him.

Under different circumstances, I feel sure the ex-boyfriend's mother and I would have remained friends. But her loyalty to her son and his eventual new girlfriend prevented us from continuing our friendship. Not so with Jennifer Aniston and her ex mother-in-law. Jane Pitt and Aniston have reportedly continued their friendship even after the demise of the marriage to Brad. According to Tiffany Law, a friend of Aniston's, Angelina Jolie is most unhappy with that situation.

Law tells Star magazine, "Jen sees no reason to stop (contact with Jane). They speak on the phone at least once a month and exchange cards and e-mails. But, apparently, it makes Ange's skin crawl." She goes on to say that Jolie has laid down the law and declared there will be no peace in the family until that friendship ends.

It seems that Brad has washed his hands of the whole situation and acknowledges that his mother can do whatever she wishes. But should she do it if it causes conflict in her son's new relationship? Do you think it is "sneaky" for Aniston to keep her foot in the Pitt family door by continuing her friendship with Brad's mother? Or is Jolie just showing her insecure and jealous side?

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