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As far as I know, we have no perfume in our house. It's not something either Rachel or I use. I actually find it rather unpleasant. (Although, if I thought that that Axe stuff really had the effect portrayed in the commercials, I might be tempted to try it.) So Jared and Sara have never really encountered the spray bottles perfume often comes in.

Last Friday night, we went over to my in-laws house for dinner. It was Rachel's birthday and her mom wanted to have us over. They have a two-bedroom house and the second bedroom serves as both a playroom for the kids and as a guest bedroom. The kids generally play in there whenever we visit; there are a fair number of toys for them to get into.

There are also the sorts of things one might find in a bedroom -- including, apparently, a small bottle of perfume. Rachel and I and her folks were all standing around talking when Jared came flying out of the bedroom wailing and crying. He was going on about having gotten something in his eye. We took him into the bathroom to see what the problem was.

He was obviously very upset and very much in pain. He wouldn't open his eyes to let me see and I began to worry that he had done some serious damage. When I was a teenager, I broke my glasses (with real glass lenses) and got glass in my eye. It was not fun and I know have a lot of scar tissue. I also learned the hard way that when an eye surgeon, scalpel in hand, says "look out of the other eye," do what she says.

We tried getting him to rinse his eyes by putting his face in a bucket of water and opening them, but he told us he couldn't open his eyes without his goggles. I was about to pack him up and load him off to the emergency room when Rachel came into the bathroom with a small vial of perfume that she had found on the bed. Managing to pry open one eye just a smidge, Jared confirmed that he had been playing with it and that the perfume was what had gotten in his eyes.

So at that point, I figured the best thing was for him to keep crying to wash the perfume out. After a bit, he started to calm down. I got a damp washcloth, took him into the bedroom, and had him lie down with the washcloth over his eyes. I read him Dr. Seuss' ABC's (the one kids' book they had) and an article out of the latest AAA magazine and then realized he was asleep.

We decided to let him sleep for a while and when dinner was ready there was still no getting him up. He ended up sleeping through dinner and all the way home. Once home, he woke up enough to eat a couple bites of the dinner Rachel's mom packed for him and then went off to bed. By morning, he was fine, although very hungry.

I have to say, given my own experience, not to mention my general squeamishness regarding eyes (I could never wear contacts), this was a rather terrifying experience. Hopefully, Jared has had his fill of perfume for a while.


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