Couple who lost three children expecting triplets

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I can't believe I actually got through this entire story without bursting into a thousand tears. Well, to be honest I didn't read the whole thing. But I'm glad I read what I did.

Chris and Lori Coble, parents to two girls and a boy, lost all their children in a freak accident that nearly killed Lori too. Despite the unbelievable sense of loss and grief, the couple decided they were meant to be parents and attempted in vitro fertilization.

Miraculously--no, really, I think it is rather miraculous--they conceived two girls and a boy. The presiding doctors initially wanted to only implant two of the three viable embryos created by the IVF process, but Lori insisted on getting all three. Her contention was that she lost three children, so here was an opportunity for three more.

Lori's husband, Chris, believes the departed children had a spiritual hand in the conception of three more children. Divine intervention indeed!

My thoughts and hopes are with the Cobles during this sad but joyous time. They describe the situation as "a two-sided coin."

I have to admit I wouldn't have the courage or strength to do what this couple is endeavoring. I don't know if I would last a minute in this world without my baby. Yet, here they are, plugging away bravely, doing what they feel they were meant to do.

In addition to becoming parents to triplets the Cobles are also lobbying for truck laws in the United States similar to those in Europe, where deaths due to trucks have decreased as a result.

Well, ok, now I am crying. Just a little bit. But I'm so sad and happy for these people, all at the same time.

Best of luck to them!

Pic of triplets by s815615.

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