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My friend Scotty has always said that there are givers and takers in this world -- people either give more than they take or they take more than they give. He also claims that I'm a giver, but I've always responded that I'm a taker -- I'm just not very good at it. Ever since having kids, however, I've actually gotten very good at it.

Because Rachel and I both work, I can't be around as much as I'd like. So a lot of other folks, especially Rachel's mom and the other parents from Jared's preschool, have been doing a lot for us. This fall, while the weather was nice, some of the other kids' families decided to go to the beach after school. Our kids got to go as well, and the other parents helped watch out for them.

One of the parents who has a daughter in the same preschool as Sara has been driving Sara to school along with her daughter so that I can go straight to work after dropping Jared off. And while Jared was in preschool, one of the moms picked up Jared to take him to school quite a few times when Rachel's mom and I were both unable to do so. And while the woman who is watching them after school is on holiday, yet another parent has offered to take Jared home with her after school to play with her daughter whenever we need her to.

And then, of course, there is Rachel's mom who watches the kids two days a week. They're not the days that Sara is in school, either, so she's taking care of her from eight in the morning until four or four-thirty in the afternoon. And Sara is a total ball of energy. So these days, I'm definitely taking a lot more than I'm giving, and I don't know what to do about it.

Has anyone else felt like this? Do you ever find yourself, certainly not taking advantage of others, but at least accepting perhaps more than your share of help? Any thoughts on how to repay all these wonderful folks, or at least to be able to pass it on to others?

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