Kids to be banned from United Nations?

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may ban kids from taking field trips to the United Nations. This is not because he thinks children don't need to see diplomacy in action or get culture. Nor is it that he thinks the UN is no place for kids.

Rather, Mayor Mike doesn't think the building are safe enough for children. Until changes can be made, he may impose a ban that would keep children out.

Mayor Bloomberg cites fire code violations as the main reason to impose the ban. Hmm, you say, well, there can't be THAT many, can there? Guess again. Bloomberg cites over 900 fire code violations that must be addressd and resolved before children on field trips are allowed inside the building.

In response the United Nations said renovations, which would fix the problems leading to the violations, would be finished in 2013. That's a long time to keep kids out of there, but safety first, yes?

In case you're wondering why all these violations exist, it's not due to shoddiness. Rather, the building are considered international territory, and are therefore exempt from United States and local safety regulations.


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