'Little House on the Prairie' to be a musical

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For you Little House on the Prairie fans - and who isn't? - your dream of seeing Laura, Mary, Carrie, Ma and Pa on stage and set to music is about to come true. Next summer, the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis will premiere a new musical based on the ever popular books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The production will be directed by Francesca Zambello, who became interested in the project after rediscovering the stories as an adult. "Reading of the exuberance of these characters as they encountered the immense power and force of the Prairie speaks to our history as a country and a people. It did in the 1880s and it does now. Our musical focuses on the independent spirit of the teenager, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and her struggles to become an adult; along side the story of the land - as it becomes the American West," she said.

She's absolutely right - those stories still connect with children and adults and are a favorite in our house. I hope the show is successful and makes it to my town - Ellie would love it.

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