Decorating for Thanksgiving?

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Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? You know, that holiday in between Halloween (when we decorate) and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (when we decorate). You know--the one with the turkey and the pilgrims and native Americans?

Yeah, that one--the one with the food...and the antacid? Well, believe it or not, when some folks have scarcely gotten down their skeletons and pumpkins others are tacking up turkey lights and pilgrim lamps. Yeah, that's right, you read that correctly.

See, there's this family a few blocks away in my Brooklyn neighborhood who decorate for almost every holiday. They own a brownstone and decorate it from head to toe for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July and, yes, Thanksgiving.

I love it that they decorate like this. The put up tons of lights and lit decorations in the windows. They put up decals. They have those tall, thin freestanding lamps of pilgrims or witches or the Clauses or whatever figure is appropriate for the holiday.

And, this is going to sound strange, I know, but it's never tacky. They always do just the right amount and it always looks geometrically appropriate. And, heck--it's cute and fun too.

I also like it that they choose to decorate for Thanksgiving. It's a holiday no one seems to care about anymore. Since the most that can be sold is generally food related and not candy or gift related, Thanksgiving seems to have taken a back seat to other, more profitable holidays.

Well, not with this family. And I'd like to see more of that. So head on down to your local hardware store or wherever it is one would purchase such things and get a glowing turkey decoration for your window. I suggest these because they take up less room than the freestanding pilgrim lamps.

Would that I could get a picture of this house for this blog....

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