Hunter Tylo on losing her son

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The Bold and the Beautiful actress Hunter Tylo has definitely experienced more than her fair share of pain and suffering when it comes to her children. Her daughter battled eye cancer as an infant, losing one eye before making a recovery. As difficult as that must have been for Tylo, nothing could compare to what she must be experiencing now with the loss of her 19-year-old son. Michael Tylo, Jr. drowned last month when he fell into a pool while having a seizure.

Tylo opened up to Larry King about getting the call that changed her life. "My oldest son Chris called and said 'Mom are you sitting down?'" she says. "And there's this hot rush of blood that envelops your face and your chest and you begin to know that there's something terribly wrong."

Reading those words brought tears to my eyes. Had he lived, yesterday would have been my brother's 46th birthday. Steve was born with heart defects and endured many painful surgeries before his death at the age of 32. I remember getting that call and the experience was exactly the way Tylo describes it. And while time does soften the pain of losing a loved one, you never forget the moment you found out they were gone. It is excruciating and my heart goes out the Tylo family.


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